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FX Curriculum

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EMR FX Forex Course Schedule
1: "K line type"10:"Use the golden section to find support and pressure"
2: "Combination of K Lines"11: "Find Support and Stress with Support and Pressure Lines"
3: "K Line Pattern"12: "Historical Highs and Lows and Intensive Deal Areas Looking for Support and Stress"
4: "Introduction and Application of Bollinger Bands"13: "Moving Average, K Line, MACD Construction Trading System"
5: "Introduction and Application of Moving Average"14: "Bollinger Bands, K Lines, MACD Construction Trading System"
6: "Introduction and Application of MACD Indicators"15: "Bollinger Bands, K Line, STO Building a Trading System"
7: Introduction and Application of the STO Index16: "The Band of the Golden Bands Construct a Trading System"
8: Seeking Support and Stress Using Bollinger Bands "17:" Three Moving Average System Construction Transaction Models"
9:" Using Moving Average Look for support and stress "