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Noble Metal

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    The existence of gold has been thousands of years old and has been mentioned many times in the Old Testament. Its chemical symbol AU, derived from the Latin "True gold &quot," means to sparkle dawn. For people, Gold has a permanent value, although it exists as a jewel before it is considered a currency.

    Gold is now used as an investment tool in global financial markets, and, strictly speaking, it is also a currency and can be used to borrow and store. It is widely used in different industries. In the electronics industry, gold is the best integrated circuit material.

    Gold is priced in dollars/ounces. In the EMR FX trading gold, trading 1 hands, exchange rate fluctuation 0.1 is 1 dollars. If you buy 1 gold in 1125, the price falls to 1123.5 to lose 15 dollars. If the price moves to the other side, you will make a profit. Your minimum ability to trade 0.1 hands is 1 ounces.


    The existence of silver is also thousands of years old, similar to gold, there are many forms, from jewelry ornaments to currency. Its chemical symbol AG comes from the Latin "argentum".

    Silver was mined for the first time in bronze. The earliest silver products appeared in eastern Turkey, then known as Anatolia, which made Europe the focus of global silver products. Then Columbus discovered America, leading to the discovery of the silver deposits in the southern United States.

    In addition to being a financial investment, Silver has many uses in the today. Like gold, silver can be used in electronics and jewellery. Silver also has medicinal value because of its ability to resist germs. Silver is priced in dollars/ounces. In the EMR FX trading silver, trading 1 hands, the price fluctuation of 0.01 is 1 dollars. If you buy 1 silver in 17.45, the price rise to 17.70 is a profit of 25 dollars. If the price moves to the other side, you will lose money. Silver Minimum transaction quantity is 0.1 hands.

    Trading Gold and silver without the intervention of traders to ensure that our customers get the quickest and most efficient service possible.