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Turkish Erdogan’s Spokesman expects Lira recovery to continue

2018/8/15 20:01:34 EMR FX Edit
Turkish Erdogan’s Spokesman expects Lira recovery to continue

Ibrahim Kalin, a spokesman to the Turkish President Erdogan, is on the wires now, via Reuters, speaking on the Lira’s price-action in Ankara.

Key Headlines:

Expects lira recovery to continue.

Lira fluctuations are part of "perception operation".

Turkey ranks among the top in terms of banking system strength.

Turkey doesn't want an economic warfare with anyone.

Foresees normalization in the Turkish economy.

Lira developments show that Turkish measures are working.

Erdogan to speak with Merkel today, macron tomorrow.

US should respect Turkish judicial process.

Takes positive stance on trading in national currencies, will keep working to escape from dollar pressure.

Will continue talks with United States if it shows constructive stance.

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