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As a strong market foundation, advanced and efficient technology and world-class service standards of well-known international financial trading service providers, EMR FX has a proud business team, with the business team rich experience, EMR FX will be based on the business needs of partners to provide flexible business cooperation programs, product mix, Trading mechanism and customer service support to help partners to quickly expand the size and profitability of the company.

Rich variety of investment, more trading opportunities

EMR FX offers a wide range of investment offerings for brokers, including CFD products such as forex, to facilitate the introduction of brokers to open up customers in different markets.

Flexible and Efficient Commission settlement system

With advanced trading system technology and strong capital strength, EMR FX has realized the industry-leading real-time commission settlement system.Competitive internal return, coupled with a flexible and efficient additional commission system, is conducive to introduce brokers to operate and develop business.

Introduction of broker Intelligent Management System

EMR FX offers a powerful business platform for its brokers, including customer relationship management systems (CRM), advertising marketing systems, performance management systems, and so on, to facilitate the efficient management of customer business and commission revenue by brokers anytime, anywhere. Transaction data can be easily and quickly presented to the broker based on different requirements.

Comprehensive market support and business strategy

EMR FX provides diversified, ongoing service support for brokers, including media advertising, marketing campaigns, lectures, sales training and customer relationships, to enable the introduction broker to expand its business more easily and professionally.

Experience full support and training

EMR FX focuses on assisting brokers to expand their business, providing professional support and training services to broker brokers, including market knowledge, trading skills and company operations, and escort brokers in the fast-growing business.

Stable and high-speed trading experience, direct participation in international market  

Multiple real-time backup professional server and dedicated line to connect the Distributed data Center, EMR FX is committed to providing investors with a stable, efficient and secure trading environment. High-speed platform connection and direct banking system transaction mode to ensure fast turnover.

24-hour advisory service with exclusive partner benefits

The professional consultant for EMR FX offers 24-hour professional consultancy services to partners.