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    EMR FX launched the brand cooperation program, is committed to the global strength of the institutional customers to provide a variety of market services. EMR FX is designed to provide a full range of service support systems, including brand consulting, technical support, background design, and system support, to enable partners to achieve greater and faster development in the international financial markets. At the global level, brand cooperation has become a powerful financial institutions to establish their own brand one of the quickest way. With the help of EMR FX for many years to adhere to the technology innovation experience, diversified products, as well as a wealth of market development and management experience, EMR FX Brand Partners can more quickly enter the international market, establish their own brands, rapid access to market share.

    currently EMR FX has a number of strong brand partners, based on the EMR FX technology and product advantages, in many countries and regions in the world to establish their own brand and market. EMR FX welcomes more powerful financial institutions to join the partnership.

Market analysis and investigation before cooperation

Market prospect Analysis

Business and profit forecasts

Company business capability and service inspection

Conclusion of cooperative relations

The two sides contracted training introduction broker

Familiar with business operation Process

Market Development Preparation

Pre-cooperation training and service

EMR FX History and advantages Introduction

Introduction of intelligent management system for brokers

EMR FX Business Process Introduction

Discuss and develop an introduction broker market expansion Plan

Introduce customers and provide guidance

Introduce the customer and guide the deposit and the gold process

Provide guidance and services to customers

Provide trading system technical support to customers

Ongoing marketing and training support

A wide range of marketing activities

Ongoing introduction of brokerage management Training guide

24-hour Advisory Service

Introducing brokers ' continued growth in performance

Significant improvement in operating performance

Benign development of the company's business

Promote closer partnerships

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