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Fund manager

    EMR FX's self-developed multi-account management system is designed to meet the needs of authorized clients and agencies or individuals authorized to entrust transaction services. At the same time, EMR FX also provides a perfect trading profit sharing system, which can be set according to different requirements.

    EMR FX Multi-account management software is designed as a MT4 client, allowing money managers to manage the funds and transactions for all customer accounts through a single trading platform, and to simultaneously select a single or multiple transaction account. Includes: Trading orders, pending orders, modify the order, set the stop-loss, individual part of the closed position or all the common trading functions. In addition, the fund managers can be customized to advance the portfolio, the allocation of each transaction account in the portfolio contained in the proportion of each transaction by the combination of funds for the transaction unit, automatically according to the specific proportion of the individual account opening or closed positions. The EMR FX multi-account management software has a flexible reporting function to facilitate the management of accounts by the fund manager.