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China's new technology operations Center has 32 investment experts, of which more than 10 people have overseas study experience, most engaged in foreign banks, securities, hedge funds and other financial work.

Haris, EMR headquarters fund manager, fund operation chief planner, has more than 20 years of financial investment experience and uniquely grasps the international trend. He masters the primary information resources and controls the entire fund design and operation, take in charge of the group of large funds, making the growth of income stable and rapid. Average annual income is as high as 40%.

Gerif, chief technical director of New Zealand, has more than 12 years investment experience, good at band and median investment, typical trend trader, can accurately grasp and follow the trend, the overall income is stable and rich. Average annual income is as high as 38%.

David Wang New China Headquarters fund manager, from London School of Economics has been engaged in financial work, more than 10 years of financial investment experience; for domestic stocks, futures, international gold, spot have their own unique research, good at fundamental analysis, the international macro-policy and economic situation grasp unique, Good at Capital Management and profit and loss ratio of the grasp of the fund team, strict control of capital risk management, strict income stability. Average annual income is as high as 35%.

Peter Zhang, NYSE China headquarters technical director, is responsible for the Mainland China fund investment specific transactions, more than 9 years of financial experience, has been in Shanghai, a large brokerage for three years as a stock trader, familiar with the organization Republicans process; Gold Forex analyst at large private equity firms; The Gold Forex trading is very familiar. Good at technical analysis, short-term and the perfect combination of the center line, their own independent development of a high winning trading system, the fund management, into the exit strategy has its own detailed plan, the average annual income of up to 32%.