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Basic Information

EMR FX is a global multinational financial services company. To date, the Australian ASIC regulatory licenses (ASIC license number: 410316), UK and European regulatory (regulatory number: LEI 213800XEQKP8WXXFML84), Vanuatu regulatory license (license number: 40272), IRS regulation IRS Regulatory Number : 99999.SL.548), etc., and set up branches and offices in many countries around the world.

Market effect

Since its entry into the market, it has quickly won the recognition of the majority of investors for its strong technical development capabilities and high-quality services. We are committed to To meet the different needs of international investors with its excellent customer service, leading platform technology and competitive transaction costs, and adhering to the principle of "fair, efficient, cooperative and win-win" in the capital market for global investors Improve the quality of financial services package designed to create a world-class financial services platform for global investors, and provide advanced security technical support and trustworthy customer service.