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Multi-national regulation

EMR FX is a global financial services company.So far, we have obtained ASIC regulatory license (ASIC license no. 410316), UK and European regulatory license (regulatory no. LEI 213800XEQKP8WXXFML84), vanuhatu regulatory license (no. 40272), IRS regulatory license (IRS regulatory no. 999999999.sl.548), etc.

Safe and reliable deposit funds

EMR FX client funds are kept in separate separate client funds segregated accounts and regulated by a multinational body.EMR FX strictly adheres to the system of separating customer funds from company operating funds to ensure the safety of customer funds.In addition, different from the upper limit set by other regulatory authorities on customer deposit protection, our company buys enough insurance for customer's funds to ensure that the customer's funds can be fully compensated when the company has problems, so the funds deposited by customers in EMR are absolutely safe and reliable.

Safe and fast access to gold

Customers can directly through the EMR FX official website for access to gold, safe and convenient.

Multi-product configuration

The provision of foreign exchange, precious metals, agricultural products, such as diversified product, customer investment configuration more flexible.

Trading platform with high speed and stability

EMR FX  MT4 Trading platform is recognized as one of the most convenient and stable platforms in the industry. EMR FX Superior Data Center arrangement ensures customer transactions are stable and smooth. The EMR FX Gateway uses advanced encryption technology that can reach 256 bits to ensure information security.

24-hour online customer service

Professional Chinese and English customer service team, in the trading period of 24 hours to provide quality and efficient services, at any time to provide your assistance.

EMR FX 6 Company Advantage

1. Financial security

Multi-national regulation, so far zero complaint history of regulation, independent client funds insurance, customer funds safe and reliable.

2. Low spreads quote

Fixed point difference account: EUR/USD 1.2 point difference, no sliding point. The lowest difference in professional accounts is up to 0.2 points.

3. Efficient Systems

High-speed and stable MT4 trading platform, the official website intelligent system, one-stop account management.

4. Multiple Account Types

With fans, standards and professional accounts to meet different transaction needs, flexible control of investment opportunities.

5. Products Rich

Forex, Precious metals, energy, indices and upcoming stock and bond products. can achieve the single account diversified investment product portfolio effect.

6. Mobile Platform

Mobile MT4 trading Platform for trading on the ipad, iphone, Android, Windows Mobile and other functional handsets.